Clinical Psychologist - Dr. Larry Herl
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Dr. Larry Herl joined of The Grove Approach Family last fall.  He is a PA licensed Psychologist receiving his Master of Arts Clinical Psychology degree from Edinboro University. He has received additional training in several areas including marriage counseling. Other areas he specializes in include depression, anxiety, stress, adult survivors of abuse, and many more. His wife, Mary, has had fibromyalgia for 20 years so he can really understand not only what the fibromyalgia person is going through, but more importantly help the people who don't have fibro understand more about it.  

Larry also is one of our guest speakers during our 6 week session. It is always one of the most popular nights. We invite our students to brings their spouse, friends or family. There is a lot of information learned along with a lot of laughter! Most all of the guests end up saying "I never understood fibromyalgia before tonight". He truly is a blessing and we are happy to have him.

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