Fibro Chiropractic Care

The Grove Approach has researched and interviewed many fibromyalgia people who rely on chiropractic care.  The key is to find a chiropractor that understands fibromyalgia. 
The Grove Approach has found a wonderful chiropractor who is in touch with the tender points and the pain that fibromyalgia people feel.  Dr. Kristy Morgan, D.C., owner of Morgan Family Chiropractic is absolutely so compassionate and gentle with fibromyalgia patients.  She also knows many approaches to treating the problem areas that fibromyalgia people have.  The Grove Approach promises a pleasant experience and she will demonstrate that there does not need to be pain and the cracking sound of old techniques that used to be used.  The Grove Approach feels strongly that chiropractic care can help the fibromyalgia person with pain.  Karen Grove has utilized it and endorses it completely.  It is a great feeling to not have pain so give it a try!