Diet and Nutrition

Diet and nutrition is a very critical and important aspect of The Grove Approach program.  Healthy eating habits are essential to help a person with fibromyalgia feel better.  There are foods that we should avoid.  These are called “Trigger Foods”.  These will be defined and discussed in detail in The Grove Approach program by a trained nutrition specialist in the fibromyalgia field. 

Trigger foods can cause such side effects as migraines, urinary complications, muscle aches, and even a drop in energy levels.  Healthy foods will be recommended and substitutes that can replace some of the trigger foods will be discussed.  A person with fibromyalgia will come away from The Grove Approach program with a well-balanced nutrition program specifically designed for helping them avoid some of the debilitating symptoms of fibromyalgia.  **MAKE SURE TO VISIT MY LINKS PAGE TO BE ABLE TO PURCHASE ALL OF THE SUBSTITUTES THAT ARE AVAILABLE.  JUST CLICK ON LINKS AND CLICK ON "SHOP NATUARAL".  TYPE IN THE PRODUCT THAT YOU WANT AND IT WILL SEARCH ALL RELATED PRODUCTS.  It is an awesome link and the prices are right, too!!!

Cate Stiller, Ph. D.C, R.N. is a professor of nursing at Edinboro University, researcher, and therapist.  She has been engaged in research of alternative therapies for fibromyalgia pain and has provided therapies for persons with fibromyalgia in community based settings for the past seven years.  She is truly an expert on what foods are good and bad for your diet and nutritional needs.