Dr. Brenda Stringer of the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Center in Cleveland says "The Grove Approach is a perfect complement to our center's regimen."

Sherri Trimble, a trial exercise group participant says, “I was very impressed with the Fibroga© program.  For fibromyalgia patients like myself it is the perfect combination of exercise and relaxation techniques.  Besides the health benefits the program provides, I feel that it also gives the person a sense of self-esteem.  This program is something that I will continue to enjoy for many years to come.  I think you are doing a wonderful service.”


Aura Director of Yoga Teacher Training says, “Congratulations and welcome to an elite group of successful Yoga Teacher Training graduates. Your yoga class demonstration was a “breath of fresh air”.   The lessonplan you demonstrated is very suitable to people with fibromyalgia and would also be good for seniors and other groups in need of compassionate Yoga teachers.


Internist, Dr. Kimberly A. Thompson says, “Fibromyalgia is avery difficult disease to both diagnose and treat, as each individual requires their own personal regimen.  Exercise is very important.  Karen Grove is setting up a new program that involves exercise, diet, nutrition, as well as other counselingactivities.  I feel that this is a good program for Northwestern Pennsylvania and the Tri-state area and hope that you will accept this."  




"Class helped me to get a mind and body connection." Diane

"I feel that I have gained a better mind body connection." Diane

"I want to thank Karen for having this class. She is so kind and listens to people and gives you energy to keep going." Anonymous

"Great concept." Anonymous

"Good information and exercise." Eileen

"Gave me alternatives to work with. The diet and nutrition class was excellent." Pam

"Class was so nice and it was so good to know that that others felt like I did and I wasn't alone!"  Pat

"Class exceeded my expectations! This class has changed my life. I am aware of trigger foods that I didn't know existed. The Fibroga has strengthened me physically and mentally. I have the power to have control over this fibromyalgia and it does not control me anymore!"  Kristie

"WOW!  What a wonderful presentation by The Grove Approach's Awareness Day! I was blown away by how many vendors and booths you had. The food was not only delicious and beautiful, but all good for fibro people! If anyone had any doubts about your program you dispelled them all!"  Jan

"Reading your story was incredible. You are two years younger than I am.  Year by year I see parallels in our lives that bring the theme from "The Twilight Zone to mind. Thank you so much for sharing your story in your book."  Deb

"I wish to express my sincere appreciation regarding the seminar that you so graciously gave for those suffering from fibromyalgia. This has been a long time coming. The planning and coordinating of all those involved, I  am sure took a great deal of effort. It was excellent!" Diane