From Fatigued To Fantasic
This is a wonderful site by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum with a wealth of information on his background, what his protocal is, where the Fibro and Fatigue Centers are located and you can even ask questions and he will answer you!!  This is a site that you don't want to miss.
National Fibromyalgia Association
This is just the most informative and accurate information you are going to find on fibromyalgia.  The magazine is awesome.  You should subscribe so that you are always up on the newest fibromyalgia news.  My products are also listed here but you can most certainly order right on this website.  Please look at this website.  The amount of information is just wonderful and you will always be learning about the newest news on fibromyalgia!!  To get a subscription of this wonderful magazine called FIBROMYALGIA AWARE, go to this link and you you will find the magazine.
Shop Natural

This site offers everything you need in just about every form of stevia, xylitol, and spelt products.  The stevia and xylitol come in small packets, liquid and powder form, and bulk for cooking.  The spelt products include spaghetti, shells, etc, as well as bulk flour for cooking and baking.  Just go to the search and type in either stevia, xylitol or spelt and the products will all come up for order!!! So simple and easy and you can pay by PAYPAL!!!